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Interior Decorating or Designing is 
Not just for the rich, the famous, or executives with six figure salaries.  Decorating is for the individual that desires and embraces endless design possibilities. Whether you're a DIY and stuck on a project or simply just want to makeover a space or have your new entire home designed. We can help!  I believe interior design is less about designing and more about executing your personal style. It's about capturing your style and how you live, not how I think you should live.  It's about what makes you feel good and brings you joy.  We're here to guide you through timeless and inspiring rooms that will evolve your personality and best expression that reflects who you are. A design that embraces you, that tempts you, and that makes you feel at home. 
Meeting Your Needs 
Most don't realize that it's affordable to hire an interior decorator without breaking the bank.  As your decorator consultant; we can save you time and the expense of having to do it over. We will initially spend at least an hour discussing your space, the design concept, functionality, any special needs, window coverings, room layout, wall colors, accessory, furniture purchases and much more.  And, less not forget.......We will assist you in determining a budget that's right for you from the start.

You As The Client 
Can pickup magazines, pull out pictures,  paint color and fabric sample swatches. You will need to be prepared to discuss what you would like to see and want in the design layout, what are some of those important tools to the design layout that you can't live without, some likes, some dislikes, must functionality and of course, you will also need to prepare to discuss your budget plan(s) and options. This will overall save you time and money that can be applied to your design. Above all your initial consultation should always feel right. 
Our Experienced and Knowledgeable 
 Our interior decor consultants will guide you on ways to economize in some areas so you can splurge on something more spectacular somewhere else.  For example, we can help...
  • Provide general advice and assist to help you set priorities.
  • Complete a room or space.
  • Coordinate a floor-to-ceiling design or makeover.
  • Refer you to contractors.
  • Make furniture recommendations.
  • Help you personalize your home.
  • Work and implement some of the things you already have and love.

After all of this if you still decide to shop around,then perhaps you've  probably missed out on the benefits of what WE have to offer. 

Chances are that you're probably not getting........

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • The Experience & Know How's
  • The Expertise and ability to Execute
  • The Insights & Discounts (to the Trade)
  • The Quality, Commitment & Dedication
  • Project Coordinator at no additional cost (varies on a project to project bases and on the size of job)
  • A List of trusted Independent contractors,Vendors & Suppliers

Still not convinced!  What Makes Us Different and Sets Us apart for our Competitors?............
  • We pay......Attention to Detail.
  • We have....Availability.
  • We have....Flexibility (work around your busy schedule).
  • We're.......Dependable and Reliable.  
  • We ..........Guarantee work (on all major overhaul projects.)
  • MORE IMPORTANTLY........We're..........P.A.S.S.I.O.N.A.T.E about what we do!.......
  • We give you QUALITY vs. QUANTITY.....
  • And, we're........committed to providing you with Great and Exceptional Customer Service.

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