Heavenly  - "Transformation of a Room & a Life-Style Change"
I want to emphasize on the SUPERIOR job you did helping me decorate and design my apartment.  As you know all too well, downsizing from a three bedroom house to a two bedroom apartment can be very challenging when keeping 95% of my furniture, artwork, and home accessories. On top of that, I wanted to use all of it in a completely different way in a smaller space.  Then I had a budget....and only so much time to get all of this accomplished.  A challenge you took by the horns with vigor, astonishing creativity, and undaunting energy.  Thanks to you, my apartment is absolutely beautiful. I love it, I enjoy it, and it is wonderful to come home to at the end of every day.  When I entertain, my friends and family shower me with ccompliments and although, you were masterful at using and showing me how to use the 95% of what I already had, most of them ask questions like, "Is this new?", "Did you have this in your house?", "Are you sure you had this?".....I don't remember seeing this".  Hiring you to decorate the interior of my apartment has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.  The design education alone was worth it.  I've learned how to use color, how to judge scale, how to get out of my decorating comfort zone, how to get in touch with my creative side, and how to be bold, but tasteful. Marlyn, thanks so much again!
T. Davis, Atlanta, GA (2/3/2013)

You MUST consult with Mrs. Dixon when it comes to your remodeling, finishing or even just a touch of change. She has a great eye for design and works with the client to make sure their needs are met. We are TOTALLY pleased with the work she did along with her contractors on our basement finish. We just have to remember not to neglect the other floors of the house...it's hard to leave the basement! It's so cozy and more than just a "man cave", it's another focal point for family gathering. Thanks Heavenly Interior Design...we'll be calling you again!
Rev. &. Mrs. Crampton, Kennesaw, GA ( 11/2011)
"I'm pleased to recommend Heavenly Interior Designs. I started out this process of redecorating my formal living room, dining room, and foyer by myself with making subtle changes to my home interior. I made the call and that is when the transformation began!  Having agreed on the scope of the work required, we established a tentative work completion schedule and budget.  Mrs. Dixon was very professional, kept me informed and completed the work on schedule, and within budget, and we are excited with the results.  I found her work to be efficient and effective while providing that right touch of elegance to brighten up my home".
B.Davis -Powder Springs, GA (8/2011)
"When upgrading my floors for my downstairs; Marlyn was heaven sent. Having a very small budget, Marlyn worked closely with me to pick out flooring that fit my taste and budget.  The job was finished in less than 8 hours. This job was so spectacular that my neighbors asked for her services". Thank you for making my dream for my downstairs a reality.
J.Worthy - Douglasville, GA (3/2011)

"Heavenly Interior Designs created a spectacular revision of my guest bedroom. It is picture perfect. I look forward to the alteration of my other rooms. Most of all, the work is cost effective and affordable".
L.Houston - Atlanta, GA (6/2010)
The level of service at Heavenly Interior Designs is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with". Thank you!
Kira, Powder Springs, GA (2010)
"In late spring/early summer of 2010 our home was struck by lightning during a serve rain storm which completely burned down our split level home. Our family lost everything!
Upon the tragic news announced at church that following Sunday.  Marlyn approached both me and my husband after the morning service.  She shared that Heavenly Interior Designs was not just a business but, it also served under the ministry which help families of catastrophic circumstances and wanted to give us back...that "that" was unimaginable and beyond and above what we had lost. 
We picked out beddings and wall colors and Marlyn immediately went straight to work. Her energy level, passion and excitement had us all excited to see what the final makeover would be like.  It didn’t take her long, within two to three evenings a few hours each night; she transformed my daughter's bedroom into something that I would have NEVER imagined, especially in such a short time. My girls' bedroom was amazing!!! It turned out beautifully!!! We were lost for words.
Marlyn was also great with my daughter, she listen to her likes and dislikes, she involved her and all us in the design; she made it fun, exciting and all of my daughter's friends love to hang out in her bedroom… Marlyn…was definitely God sent and a blessing to our family".  Thank you!
 Sheryl H. - Kennesaw, GA (11/2010)
"I get so many compliments on the master bedroom and master bathroom in my house that Marlyn designed. Marlyn helped me to make my brand new bedroom and bathroom more of a home that fits my style".
Kemisha C. - Powder Springs, GA (12/2010)
"Marlyn, of Heavenly Interior Designs is truly a gifted designer.  I had planned on calling her a few weeks after our introduction this is when I discovered I had lost her card.  At that point, I had put my thoughts of redecorating my living room on hold until I ran into her again a few months later.  This is when our journey to transforming my living room began. "I honestly did not know how I wanted my living room to be designed.  But once I saw Marlyn’s vision I was very pleased and excited to get started.  I felt confident that Marlyn would do a very good job from the start.  The passion she showed toward her work truly reflected in everything she did.  She was very resourceful and always made sure she informed me of what was going on.  She definitely advocated for me as a client when it came to prices.  She always made sure I got the best deal.  Anytime contractors had to come to the house she made sure she was there from start to finish.  Marlyn definitely went above and beyond to ensure that I was completely satisfied.  Words cannot express how I felt when I first saw the final outcome of my living room.  I was truly amazed.  I could not believe that one person could do such beautiful work in just a few hours.  I was and still am very pleased with the design as well as everyone who visits my home.  A transformation definitely took place in my living room thanks to Marlyn.  She truly is a gifted designer.  I most definitely will be using Heavenly Interior Designs in all my future endeavors".
Chasity W., Austell, GA (2010)
“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Heavenly Interior Designs was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”
LaShanda, Dallas, GA (2009)
"Working with Heavenly Interior Designs made me rethink how window treatments can make a plain room come alive.  After having only horizontal blinds I never considered window treatments; I figured they were not important and still skeptical after our initial consultation. Now after seeing the finished product these no-sew drapes are unbelievable and tie perfectly in with other parts of the room. I am sorry I waited this long to make this room come alive."
C.Torres, Powder Springs, GA (2008)